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The story of WooWoo Laboratory isn’t just about the ingredients or products, our roots run much deeper. Our founder tells the full story.

The story of WooWoo Laboratory is a story of unlearning all the things I thought I knew about myself. Maybe this is your story too.

age 10

I quit competitive gymnastics. I suspect it's the reason a magazine quiz categorized my body as “boy shaped.” Legs too strong, shoulders too wide, chest too flat.

age 12

I steal a dull razor from my mother’s shower. Forget the soap. A trail of small nicks up my shins. A thick white scar on my ankle, still.

age 14

Summer. Walking for ice-cream. Cat-calls, whistles, honking horns. Now I understand the currency of this body.

age 16

Bad cramps. Paper gown. Cold metal. No questions and no, no eye contact. A barely legible prescription in my tight fist for 21 little white pills and painkillers.

age 18-23

Something scary keeps happening; someone’s hands where they shouldn’t be; someone’s words harsh and threatening. There was that time in the bar, and again at the restaurant. At night outside the mall. In the day outside the dentist. And that time, on the subway, tears still in my eyes on the way to my job interview.

age 29

Tidying up. Trash bin of all the things that were going to make my body less wrong and myself, more lovable. Half-empty bottles labeled for “blemishes,” “fine lines”, “firming” “plumping” and all the other sweet-nothing-words we use to hate our bodies. What if what we put on our body didn’t undermine our self-worth? What if our skincare was natural, safe, effective and empowering. Ugh, that sounds a little woowoo.


WooWoo Laboratory’s first collection launches. It feels like healing and it feels like coming home. We hope it feels like this for you.

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